Public Safety

Without effective public safety nothing else matters. All residents in our city deserve to feel safe in their home, our kids need to feel safe in their schools and our businesses need to feel that their employees and assets are secure. I believe that sound solutions need to be driven by data and that technology needs to play a leading role in how we craft our future. If I am fortunate enough to be elected as your next city council representative, I am going to request that both our police and fire departments provide quarterly updates at our City Council meetings so as to provide complete transparency on the current status and potential challenges that may exist. We are fortunate to live in community that is nationally named as of the safest cities in the nation.


As a lifelong Henderson resident and mother of four boys I know how important our school system is to our community. I believe it is imperative for us to examine partnerships between business and our Henderson schools, which is why I enthusiastically support the Community Education Advisory Board (CEAB) created last year by our Mayor and City Council. I believe we need to highlight the success stories in our community that happen on a daily basis and the role parents play in our successes. I believe that ultimatelywe need to have our own school district in order to effectively control our destiny.

Economic Development

All aspects of planning play a role in building a better city. We need to look at recruiting businesses that offer the highest and best use of our land. I would like to see code enforcement play a stronger role in the underserved areas of Ward 1 that need extra care and the placement of services such as restaurants, dry cleaners and amenities that are seen in other parts of the city. Smart growth is a term that is frequently thrown around but in my mind, it means the use of technology to move forward our strategic plan and being open to new ideas and best practices used elsewhere. We need to be forward thinking and never settle for the status quo.


I applaud our Mayor and current Council members for raising the bar on transparency in government. I believe we can by using social media more aggressively and by having a dialogue with our constituents. I also believe that having face-to-face conversations is equally important. The addition of the Mayor’s monthly March On meetings is a great success and I would like to build on that and follow in the steps of our current Councilwoman Gerri Schroder by participating in Homeowner Association meetings and neighborhood gatherings. I will never forget I am a public servant and serve as the voice of my constuients. The best way to represent is to always have your hand on the pulse of our city.

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