It's official - I have declared my candidacy for 2019 Henderson City Council Seat Ward 1.

I've been a Henderson resident since birth, and nearly every major milestone in my life has happened here. I met my husband at Basic High School, my kids were raised in Henderson, and now my grandchildren are growing up here as well. Except for the five years my husband served in the military, I've lived here my entire life and have seen the incredible changes that have taken place. I love this city and its residents. We have been very fortunate to maintain our home-town feel, while growing at exponential rates.

I have wonderful parents who taught me many important things throughout my life, but the thing that resonated the most with me was, "Where much is given, much is required," and they taught by example. It was that example that guided me to want to devote my education and career to public service. Throughout my 25-year career at the City of Henderson, I was fortunate enough to play a part in many of the changes that have occurred in our community. The last 16 years of my work at the City was in Redevelopment, with the last nine of those as Redevelopment Manager. It was my job to revitalize the mature areas of Henderson by creating programs to help businesses and homeowners, and to attract private investment and development to those areas. Much of that work was in Ward I and the immediate surrounding area. I was able to lead a team of incredible individuals to bring projects such as Tuscany, Cadence, Union Village, Lovelady Brewing Company, Southend on Water Street and many more to our city. Those projects have created thousands of jobs and will generate millions in tax dollars to benefit Henderson. Further, through tough negotiations, we were able to ensure developers performed before receiving any type of benefit, and that parks, Fire stations and equipment, and school sites were provided to the City at the developer's cost.

Part of my job was also to meet with Council members and City executives to discuss the pros and cons of each project, to hold public meetings to receive input from residents on what they would and would not like to see in their neighborhoods, and to help people realize their dreams of opening their own business. Through my work with Councilmembers, I was able to see first-hand the time commitment, passion and level of service required to be truly effective at the job. We have had some of the best and most dedicated public servants I have ever seen-Councilwoman Schroder and Mayor March being prime examples. They have been fantastic leaders and great mentors.

It's Henderson's goal to be a premiere community. We cannot continue to be premiere without constantly looking for ways to improve. Over the coming months, I look forward to meeting with you and other residents to talk about issues that are important to you.

Tom Amick
David Baker
Dave Beason
Eric & Carrie Buck
Stephanie Bynum
Kim & Tony Carducci
Paul Ceba
Mikel Conrad
Dennis & Patricia Chavez
Joe DiSimone
Darin & Kim Dryden
Clark County Commissioner
Jim Gibson & Lori
Teresa Gibson
Rebecca S. Gibson
Marvin & Robin Hales
Stu Hitchen
Gary Holland
Michael Holland
Duane & Tina Hopster
Craig Johnson
Sam Kaufman
Kathy Kline
Russ & Michelle Lamb
Randy Lamb
Jared & Callie Lamoreaux
Richard & Linda Lovelady
Rich & Claire MacDonald
Richard L. & Sharron L. Macklin
John Marchiano
Nanette Manning
Mark & Sylvia McGinty
James & Lisa Miller
Carol Medina Montoya
Justin & Jill Mott
Tuesday & Kelwin Perkins
Andrea Primo
David & Bryanna Romero
Dr. Brandon & Jessica Romero
Richard & Michelle Ross
Danny Sanders
Tim Schneider
Councilwoman Gerri Shroder
Scott & Kathleen Shaw
David & Dorothy Shepherd
Jeanne Shepherd
Mike & Dana Shepherd
Louise Sierras
Linda Poff Smith
Rick Smith
Shawna & Tyron Spencer
Laura Jane Spina
Danielle Thompson
Elizabeth Trosper
David & Yolanda Trujillo
Kenneth & Amy Weast
Dr. Letitia Worth
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