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Addressing the now-decades long crisis of substance use and abuse requires bold solutions. As the mayor of Henderson, I am proud to share an innovative, collaborative initiative of law enforcement and

intersections with behavioral health.

Henderson recently launched a Mobile Crisis Intervention Team (MCIT) to more directly respond to behavioral health and substance use crises. As a public safety advocate and mother of a physician, this is a special initiative to me personally, and I think it is an important model for how cities address complex problems.

The impetus behind the MCIT began in 2019 as concerns were growing after a decade long crisis of over-prescribing addictive painkillers for both minor and chronic ailments. People who became addicted to painkillers quickly switched to illicit opioids such as heroin and, more recently, illegally manufactured fentanyl.

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Women leaders are unique in a number of ways. Facing challenges that differ significantly from their male counterparts, women in industry typically juggle an active family life with a busy business schedule. The women in the following pages put the “class” in the 2023 Class of Women to Watch. They are tenacious and powerful women who are leaders in their chosen fields.

Serving as mentors to the next generation of those in Nevada’s business community, the Women to Watch are real-world examples of how to get business done.

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Earlier this month, Nevada reached a settlement with Walgreens to accept $258 million in connection with that business’ part in the opioid epidemic.

Drug overdose deaths reached more than 100,000 people nationwide in 2022. And since 1999, nearly 1 million people have died from drug overdoses in this country.

The Walgreens settlement will be used for programs and more, but they’re hardly the end. Less than a year ago, the Southern Nevada Health District issued a public warning: fentanyl deaths are on the rise.

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As the saying goes, “Go west, young man.”

All the chatter at NAIOP Southern Nevada’s Henderson Commercial Real Estate panel on Thursday at The Orleans was centered on one area of the city — west. Panelist Neil Sansone, a principal of Sansone Companies — based out of Henderson — said the movement west feels like “manifest destiny” in a lot of ways.

He noted he was born and raised in the area, left his family’s company and has now returned to his roots with increased vigor for a fast-growing enclave.

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